From detecting environmental issues ranging from possible air pollution to greenhouse gases, air data collection is a critical service provided by the ACS Engineering professionals for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Take no chances on the varied aspects of collecting air data when we can handle the entire matter for you.  ACS Engineering develops valid CEMS QA/QC plan and procedures up to date with the latest regulations including GHG and can monitor and implement data collection solutions and reporting for all air data requirements.

Similar to the EPA’s technical approach, each month (or other specified interval) we methodically collect various types of qualitative data. Typically, monitoring locations may be grouped into different types in terms of monitoring: compliance, surveillance and control/reference point. For commercial customers, compliance monitoring points are located where companies bear sole or primary responsibility for environmental quality.

Generally three types of data sources are utilized. One consists of self-monitoring reports, required to be submitted to the EPA. Two, data are also collected by conducting site inspections. Three, field audits are employed to collect both information and visual evidence, which become a necessary part of the rating system.

In turn, the collected data is subjected to QA/AC processes to validate data integrity and, subsequently, we use this custom data to keep your air data challenges on the right trajectory.

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