ACS Engineering’s environmental consultants have a proven history of getting facilities permitted in a timely manner so that permits are ready when you need them.

Most projects now require air dispersion modeling to characterize the atmospheric processes that disperse a pollutant emitted by a specific source and to predict emission concentrations at selected downwind receptor locations.

Modeling protocols are required for major projects, and protocols or checklists are often required for minor projects. Air dispersion modeling has become more complicated over the years due to multiple rules and regulations becoming effective without corresponding New Source Review (NSR) implementation rules, policy and guidance. Consequently, modeling protocols that might have been accepted previously will not secure compliance today.

ACS Engineering works closely with environmental agency modeling staff to demonstrate compliance with NAAQS and PSD increments and to demonstrate that emission sources comply with all requirements, including protection of public health and welfare. We constantly stay abreast of the changes in regulations, standards and the permitting process. This allows us to prevent air dispersion modeling from becoming a chokepoint that keeps your air permit from being issued in a timely manner.

We encourage you to contact us early in the project planning phase so you have extra time to prepare for and resolve any potential issues related to air permit modeling.

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