The CCMS environmental and compliance management system was designed and developed to provide regulated entities with a better way to manage their compliance requirements.  CCMS is the better EMS software.

Why should you consider the CCMS approach?

CCMS was designed and developed to provide regulated entities with a better way to manage their compliance requirements.

Prior to ACS Engineering’s extensive process improvements in 2001, all compliance management systems were built around tasks associated with regulations, laws, company manuals and related items. We consistently observed common failures with other compliance management systems.

Still common today, these problems include time and money exceeding companies’ budgets, system management and end-user training considered alien subjects, more work required overall instead of easing workload, software vendors and consultants succeeding more at profiting than providing solutions and solutions typically just adding more complexity.

Our compliance system changed the game in favor of customers by streamlining both system implementation and maintenance. Our typical model includes full implementation of your site-specific requirements, for air, water, waste, safety and more, as well as ongoing system maintenance at a fixed monthly fee spelled out upfront.

Prevent the hidden gotchas in your compliance system

In addition to scheduled tasks, CCMS implementation also includes non-scheduled requirements, which may often cause violations if left unchecked, and requirements associated with compliance tasks. We have cut through complexities and can increase your compliance assurance level at any time just by activating a task.  This feature has proven especially helpful in that turning requirements into routine tasks or checklist items is as easy as just marking them “tasks” or “checklist” following implementation.

On a common-sense basis, the Continuous Compliance Monitoring System (CCMS) is simply the better way to maintain compliance by being unique in design, delivery and upkeep from all other systems on the market. It addresses requirements and necessary actions to ensure continuous compliance through its built-in understanding of regulations, permit conditions and other drivers for regulatory compliance.

As with the CCMS Management three features are key components of the system. As Driver-Based®, all drivers (from permits to plans to safety manuals) are tracked and updated continuously. And “perpetual” takes on a powerful meaning with ACS ensuring your compliance. Perpetual Audit® makes sure that all compliance requirements, some of which could subject you to potential liability, are completed on-time, consistently. And Perpetual Compliance Assurance® works through the Evergreen Compliance Manager, verifying your compliance so you can sign legally-binding compliance reports, liability-free.

Simplified approach to implementation

The Implementation stage of your CCMS system is simplified through information captured in the system itself. Initially, the site information, equipment and personnel information are entered. In turn, Implementation is completed simply by assigning appropriate rules both to the site and to the equipment. Implementation is further simplified by ACS’ role in ensuring complete satisfaction because the same compliance experts who developed CCMS are the same ones who will deliver the fully populated solution for you, our valued customer, and keep it current.

More than a “one and done,” we track regulations on a daily basis with CCMS. This is critical because when site-applicable rules change, your system is automatically updated with the new rule language, frequency and task as appropriate.  Additionally, we update your permit conditions, manuals and other requirements with the same focus on removing the compliance burden from you and leaving little room for mistakes.

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