From data collection to ongoing compliance management support, ACS Engineering is the surefire way to defend your operations against unnecessary NPDES-related costs and delays.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program requires every facility that discharges environmental pollutants from any point source into United States waters to obtain an NPDES permit.

What is the term "Waters of the United States?"

The EPA interprets the term “waters of the United States” to include virtually all surface waters, including wetlands and ephemeral streams, navigable waters, tributaries of navigable waters, interstate waters and specific intrastate lakes, rivers and streams. Environmental pollutants regulated under the program include conventional, toxic and non-conventional pollutants. Specific NPDES program areas apply to process wastewater discharges, non-process wastewater discharges and stormwater discharges.

Understanding your regulated pollutants

Regulated pollutants are those that can enter waters of the United States from a variety of pathways, including agricultural, domestic and industrial sources and include both direct and indirect sources. Direct sources discharge wastewater directly into the receiving water body, whereas indirect sources discharge wastewater to a POTW, which in turn discharges into the receiving waterbody. Under the national program, NPDES permits are issued only to direct point source discharges. Industrial and commercial indirect discharges are addressed by the National Pretreatment Program.

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